Blackjack Online NZ

Blackjack online in New Zealand

In modern online gambling world, blackjack online is one of the most popular games. This game is played very similar to mortar and brick casino. But, if you are a card sharp, online you may play against the House edge, which usually equals to 0.5%. Low enough, isn’t it? Plus, there is a definite benefit, which is good strategy understanding. And, if you want to refine own strategy, online blackjack allows you to do so. What is cool about the online game in general? It is an opportunity to play in demo mode to see what’s up here. And, in the majority of New Zealand online casinos this option is available at no charge. And if you’ve picked the casino with live dealers, the demo version is also usually available for free.

Top casinos for blackjack online

Here is the list of top-3 leading New Zealand casinos, which offer excellent online blackjack experience. These guys have years of experience behind, that is why know what’s this all is about. Good to know, that different casinos have their own details when it comes to blackjack, For instance, the House Edge may vary between 0.5% — 1%. Anyways, it is way better than the terms land-based casinos suggest. Royal Vegas Casino is popular due to a variety of game options they’ve got. Here you will find high-steak, Double and American exposure, single deck and more. And, all of these feature demos so that you could try it out. BGO casino is another cool place for New Zealand players. Here they’ve got 19 kinds of this popular game available, and are played with Flash. Multi-hand games are avail here as well. Leo Vegas Casino is another one worth being considered. It offers choice of 15 blackjack variants. Plus, this one has live dealer version as well.

So, what is free online blackjack about? Roughly, the game rules may be explained as follows. You simply need to grab a hand, which is up to 21. If that’s not possible by the time, you just need to get closer to this amount, than the dealer. In many land-based casinos, win or lose highly depends on luck, atmosphere, temperature inside, light, etc. When playing blackjack online, you do that in convenient atmosphere and see what’s going on right from the screen of your laptop, computer or other mobile device. Plus, here you will show your skill, that will help you beat the dealer in the game, so that you could grab your winnings! Sounds too complicated? In fact, it’s not. If you are familiar with basic math and like gambling, you should definitely try this out!

Free online blackjack: is that all possible?

Well, both yes and no. The answer would be ‘yes’, if you just want to play the game and experience that excitement of real-time playing. As the majority of New Zealand online casinos have demo version of blackjack available for free. This means that you can just create an account and experience the popular game with no investment. Though, if you want to make some money, the answer will probably be ‘no’. Of course, modern casinos offer a variety of ‘welcome’ bonuses and other sorts of promotions. But in the majority of cases, the amount you may win is limited. Plus, most likely you will not be allowed to cash the money you won without making a deposit. So, if you want to withdraw your winnings, it is fair that online blackjack won’t be completely free for you. But, free online blackjack is a great opportunity to try out your skills and manage your own strategies.

Haven’t tried online blackjack NZ yet but this is the game you are willing to master? Then we’ll tell you the strategy and how this all works. As we’ve noted, you need to collect the cards in hand, that are as close as possible to 21. And even if you haven’t managed to reach the goal, you should definitely get closer to 21 than the dealer. But do not forget, that you do not have to be with cards over 21 in hand. Otherwise, you will lose the ‘hand’ to the house. A little attention, some basic math and you will do that!

So, how to play online blackjack NZ?

At the very beginning, every player gets 2 cards, which are face up. The dealer gets 2 cards as well, but only 1 of them is face up. And, you have to make a choice on what to do. Hitting means that you want to take another card. If you stand, you just keep your 2 cards and that’s it. If you want to double the bet considering the visible cards, it’s called to double down. To split the hand in order to match the bet you had originally you have a choice of ‘splitting’. But, it’s better to select it only when you’ve got small cards. There is another variant, that works in the cases when the dealer got an ace initially. It’s called ‘insuranse’, and allows you to put only a half of the first bet. So, after learning some theory it’s always a good idea to take some practice. Or get into more details by further learning the articles on blackjack strategy. So now the choice is yours, and multiple online casinos offer a variety of free demo games you may start with.